Destinations in Peru

Peru, is the third largest country in South America, after Brazil and Argentina. It is made up of a variety of landscapes, from mountains and beaches to deserts and rain forests. The second highest mountain range in the world runs through Peru. These peaks, called the Andes, are so tall and forbidding that the ancient Inca people thought they were gods. Independence day is 28 July. Local curruncy is Peruvian Sol PEN.

Main Destinations

Perú Canadá Travel - Destination Lima, Perú


Lima is a place of converging trends, created by its people and their living culture, where you will find every corner of Peru represented. One visit to Lima can never be enough. Lima, filled with colonial-era riches, is the only capital in South America that faces the sea, and it is hailed as the gastronomic capital of Latin America.

Perú Canadá Travel - Destination Arequipa, Perú


Arequipa is dominated by its volcanoes. This is apparent in the walls of its streets, buildings and churches; in the wonderful geography that has created a fertile valley and one of the world’s deepest canyons. Imagine yourself enjoying the warm waters of a thermal pool as you look out towards green mountains crowned with perpetual snows. 

Perú Canadá Travel - Destination Cusco, Perú


In Cuzco, every corner tells a story and every story is captivating, mystical and attractive. In its streets time seems to have stopped, every corner offers a piece of history, and the stones are still alive because they have survived intact. Cuzco, recognized as the historic capital of Peru, is now known as the navel of the Earth.

Perú Canadá Travel - Destination Loreto, Perú


The exotic scenery of Loreto region is a special experience. The region is crossed by the Amazon, the world’s longest and mightiest river, which serves to link the towns located in the heart of the forest. The region’s national reserves, Pacaya Samiria and Allpahuayo Mishana, are refuges for an abundance of flora and fauna that will delight nature lovers.

Perú Canadá Travel - Destination Piura, Perú


Piura is summer, and why here you will find the most fantastic beaches. Colan, Los Organos, Vichayito and Lobitos are some of the most beautiful; and Cabo Blanco is special, here came Ernest Hemingway! Complements these experiences with unsurpassed cuisine lobster, ceviche or fresh seafood, fresh out of the sea!

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Perú Canadá Travel - Partners
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Perú Canadá Travel - Partners
Perú Canadá Travel - Partners
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